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Why Writing Anonymously

Most of us hold our thoughts, feelings, and words inside of us although we want to vent to a friend, a colleague, a family member but sometimes to a stranger as well who won’t judge us for our random little thoughts and anxieties, someone who will lend an ear and provide a shoulder to as support, who would ask us ‘Are you okay?’ or tell us ‘Everything will be alright!’ Often days go by without anyone calling or texting you as everyone is busy with their routine but you just want someone to talk to. Come to WriteAnonymously and open up your heart without any strings attached

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Random Chat

Chat with Strangers Anonymously

  • You do not need an account or to register in order to chat with other users.
  • You can chat with strangers, you can get to know them and maybe make friends, all anonymously.
  • In the chat you can send text messages, photos and videos.
  • The chat history will be deleted when one of the participants leaves the chat.

Private Chat Group

With a private chat group you can do many things totally anonymously

  • Ask for feedback
  • Confessions
  • Anonymous chat
  • Share photos & videos
  • Off limits topics
  • Personal journal
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