Optimism over pessimism - why you must ditch pessimism

Your mind is your domain, and it thinks and works in the manner that you train it to. Have you ever observed how some people think optimistically while others think pessimistically about everything? Now, the kind of approach or explanatory style you keep depends on many factors including your upbringing, experiences, and self-learning. However, modern-day research highlights the fact that your mind is in your control, and just like you can learn to be pessimistic or optimistic, you can certainly unlearn the toxicity of pessimism and embellish your life with healthy optimism.

Now, why is pessimism so menacing for your wellness? Let's look at why pessimism needs to go and how it stops you from staying mentally well and flourishing in your personal and professional life:

Why you must ditch pessimism

If you want to do yourself a huge favor and lay the groundwork for your future success and glory, you must let go of your pessimism. Pessimism must be abandoned and for all the right reasons. Let me emphasize the negative impacts of glumness on your life and well-being:

First and foremost, the pessimistic explanatory style has been linked to causing depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts in people. So, if you look at the setbacks as your personal failure, incompetence, and hard luck, you are bound to feel blue and agitated. For this very basic reason, pessimism is blamed for eliciting all unpleasant emotions in people, and if you succumb to despair, etc., your progress and happiness will always be jeopardized.

Secondly, pessimistic people tend to have very unhealthy or toxic relationships with their family and friends. This is because they always find a reason to be thankless and inexpressive of affection. Additionally, many people blame their partners for anything that goes wrong which leads to rifts and arguments resulting in compromised relationships.

In addition to the points shared above, if you are an entrepreneur or a professional, your pessimism will land you in trouble and turbulence. You would not be able to cherish your promotions and not look at the bright side of your work. Consequently, your performance and client retention will diminish and your dream of becoming an eminent figure will remain a dream only.

Finally, only optimism can help you achieve your goals healthily, maintain happy relationships and keep growing in your workplace. With optimism by your side, even the darkest days will not be that daunting and incapacitating. So, try to intentionally look at the positive aspects and become a fighter on the days when things go south. This will indeed make your life better and help you brush the pessimism away.

The verdict:

In short, life is bound to be fraught with trials and all sorts of upheavals, but should that make you pessimistic and noxious? Absolutely not! You can surely sift through all the hardships gleefully if your mind is positive and healthy. So, develop a growth mindset that prefers to look at the light at the end of the tunnel and savor every moment of your life.

Jul 25, 2021