Why writing anonymously?

Most of us hold our thoughts, feelings, and words inside of us although we want to vent to a friend, a colleague, a brother/sister but sometimes to a stranger as well who won’t judge us for our random little thoughts and anxieties, someone who will lend an ear and provide a shoulder to as support, who would ask us ‘Are you okay?’ or tell us ‘Everything will be alright!’ Often days go by without anyone calling or texting you as everyone is busy with their routine but you just want someone to talk to. Come to write anonymously and open up your heart without any strings attached.

At a given moment a person could be happy or sad. It is an old saying that happiness doubles when you share it and sadness reduces upon sharing. Let this forum be a place where you are kind enough to make another person’s day.

Writing is a good way of catharsis. It's part of the therapy where sometimes the most perplexing thought has a simple solution. When you write it down, your mind clears up you feel relieved and able to comprehend the situation. Sometimes if you get lucky, you receive a piece of excellent advice that you needed to hear.

There are so many other good reasons to write: happiness, passion, the purging of grief, despair, or anxiety. The love of beauty, the exposure of villainy. The recording of life small but significant incidences for sake of preservation and memory. All these expressions are too intimate, too scary, too real, for a person to bear public scrutiny, and here is where writing anonymously provides an edge to speak up without feeling vulnerable because anonymity protects both the person and the message.

Anonymously we get to say the things we want to, without hurting those we most care about - because that written expression is meant for everyone and no one at the same time. When one is going through a tough phase of life and you wanted to write your heart out but at the same time afraid of being judged or labeled on your vulnerable stories- you can use our platform.

Being anonymous is not about covering up, but about opening up, untying the inner knots, unfolding self perplexities, and speaking up without retaliation. It helps in venting without turning your words into a huge argument - No one’s reputation is at stake here so you can vent any bottled-up emotions inside of you and get things off your chest.

The best advantage of writing anonymously is that you do not have to be careful when choosing the appropriate words and write what truly is in your mind without anything holding you back. Everything becomes intriguing when a little suspense is involved, it piques curiosity-nothing is awkward, dull, boring, or too much. It is an experience that needs to be shared and others might relate to it as well.

Also, no one can dismiss a valid point because they know its are coming from a person who is writing about his/her feelings for potentially the whole world to see, feelings that one can not share even with the person closest to them.

Lastly, one can make new friends or find people who vibe with your vibe as it is completely anonymous and you can relate to another person based on just their thoughts-not looks.

Jul 11, 2021