Dattitude Jottiatta

Dattitude Jottiatta. "Silence." DOCTOR! DOCTOR! Doctors! Doctors! You must confess or you will kill the whole world! I did something to stay alive so you cannot get me killed, me, 42 year old woman who has never been pregnant but has children and grand children from my stolen eggs that you all matched with sperm and surrogated in other wombs to: 1. get me raped into being a prostitute? 2. Torture me to death increasing the general pain and misery in the world and contributing to killing the life force of everyone alive as you rape the consent of the planet? 3. Turn me into psychology psycho experiment flesh, soul, and mind? 4. Get my whole family killed after raping and robbing us of everything we had? I did this, what I suggest before the list above, doctors, not knowing I had a great grandchild on the way. What happened with her? Where is she? I have never breast fed, almost dying this whole last week, I bought infant formula in the hope that by me drinking it she could also drink it. Where is she? But did the doctors die in a birthing hospital? You must confess doctors, that you have done it to us all or your deaths might get us all killed, if doctors near my great grandchild died? We need you though you are killing us with your evil lying crimes against us, because we connect to our actual soul biological family, though in violation, through you? It could kill you all, I just did it trying to knock you out of me, if doctors died though near the infant? It could get you all killed because anyone can do it? But if you all die we'd lose connection to all our actual family and all die too? I did something anyone can do in an attempt to block you out of myself not knowing I had an infant on the way. ... ... ......show more

1 year ago

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