hi i am 13 i been wanting to kill myself when i was around 11 turning 12 the reson why was my mother she is abuse me menatily and physically i know i was 6 she broke my arm. I just feel annoying i hate just thinking about myself i dont wanna be such a thing anymore am a waste its been like 6 months wasn't trying to hurt myself always have bad anger issue that i feel like my dad hates me i don't want him to hate me. you cant see me but i crying the imagine of my father being disappointed in me makes me cry and hate myself moremy parents are immigrants as you knowi the first born of my mom side i have high expectation buti know my mom hates me i mean i an idiot stupid worthless who wants a kid who has adhd , anger issue and want to kill themselfs NO ONE I TRY AND TRY BUT TO THEM I LAZY i hate it last summe rmy mother put a lot pressure she called me fat overweigh really didnt matter until she pointed it out thats when i started to...hit myself and cut thought i would to something like this now i wanna stop eating and mentality wanna hurt myself i make myself not to sleepi hate itit makes me wanna throw up do you know why i don't have a phone (use my dell computer) its because i was stupid people used me when i said used i meant as pic and stuffi hated myself why i wanna try to keep a promisei hate my mom no matter what idc she gave birth to me she doesn't love me know when she dies i wanna burn it up and dance on her grave and spit on it i just hate her that my promise that i will out live her or i die when i turn 16 that all i have to say i write here cause my mental health i heard this will help

2 years ago

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