So f-ing sick of this Covid-19 stuff. Don't get me wrong. I played it safe last year. I know masks help stop the spread. I got vaccinated when I could to protect myself, my friends, my family, and those at my job (hospital; though I just do clerical work, I do interact with patients). Covid is worth being taken seriously, however, I'm ready to live my life. I've got friends who are still anxious about going out to eat or won't go to a movie with me. Went to the movies the other night with one friend. Masked up because she did. Doesn't really bother me since I've worn one at work for the duration of this thing, though at this point I think punishing the vaccinated by asking them to mask up and protect those who won't get a simple shot is dumb. I don't want a mandatory mandate again even though I fully supported one last year. As I see it, Covid will always be with us. If I can get it at work or grocery store, then I'm done being panicked over it. Wear my mask. Won't be going to FL, TX, LA or any of those but my state and county are pretty highly vaxxed. Now, I had to see friends via zoom last year or 6 ft away in my yard and I don't want to repeat that. Not worried about death with my vaccine. Life to me isn't worth living if I can't see friends, but I think some of them might be like "we can't hang out because we live with older parents" or "take care of older grandparent". Admirable, but you can't fully hide from the virus! It's always gonna mutate and if I lose people because they are too afraid of the spread to hang out I'm gonna get real depressed. That being said, I don't fit in with the "No restrictions, No vaccines" crowed either. I'm sort of trapped somewhere in the middle and it sucks. Nobody I know fully gets where I'm at.

1 year ago

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