I've gotten out of it, but I used to have extreme anorexia and body dysmorphia. I worked out so much and ate so little that some days I had over -1000 calories in my system. My record for least calories in a day is -1485; I have it on an index card that I used to tape to the wall in my closet behind my clothes and calculate on. Anorexia fucking sucks, and so does any feeling of hatred to yourself. If anyone who is anorexic is reading this, or anyone who has anorexic tendancies, or just somebody who hates their fucking body, I want you to know that you're fucking awesome just the way you are. Anorexia fucking sucks, it eats away at your body, but also at your mentality, and it makes you feel so fucking tired. Not sleep deprived tired, but like a wilting flower, just devoid of all life. To anyone who needs to hear it, you're fucking beautiful, or handsome, or gorgeous, or whatever you like / desire to be labeled as. I know this is supposed to be anonymous, but to anyone who needs somebody to listen, or somebody to talk to, about ANYTHING, message Prince_Harming on Discord.. :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

2 years ago

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