Heartbreak is probably the one thing that I struggle coping with, especially when it’s someone close like a close friend. A while back, my heart fell for someone in my class and we became the best of friends, it stayed that way for the last year because I was way too afraid to open up to her about my true feelings and I confessed to her about 2 weeks ago, it went well she claimed to have these feelings for me too so we’ve been seeing where it might go and I’ve done all I can to be the best guy that she had feelings for. 2 days ago someone else came into her life and about an hour ago she said sorry but I want to try with this guy. The hardest part is that we’re basically best friends still and we talk like all day every day regardless, and I’m afraid that things will be ruined because of this and I don’t want it to be and I’m really scared.

2 years ago

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