Do you ever feel like you are the reason your life is so messed up? Maybe if you thought things better or if u took that risky move you would have been in a such a better place? I have never felt like i regret things in life but this few wrong things I did over 2-3 months makes me question my whole life. Like I hurt this person I liked and they probably despise me, I ruined my relation with someone close to me, and I let my parents make a bad decision now they completely regret. And I am responsible for all of it now that I am trying to fix it I am afraid that it will go to shit again. I wanna share my parents bad decision, they moved out of the city during the pandemic. Which was fair but we end up moving to near our toxic family and they have basically put us through hell in such settle ways. And now we plan to move back to the city and they don't want us to because they are jealous and it's so obvious. And there is so much and I can't handle it because they are getting to me and making me think that we will regret this decision too. It's so weird how people who are supposed to help you are the ones who fuck you up. I hate them so much, I really hope my parents can escape them.

1 year ago

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