I'm just feeling really overwhelmed and stressed out right now. I'm a medical scientist working in a massive cardiac hospital on a temp contract and about to go back to a smaller lab where I have been verbally abused by a staff member on more than 3 separate occasions (why I got a temp contract) I just don't feel safe there. I have reported the incidents to no avail. Even with witnesses confirming the incidents. I have been going for job interviews and applying at other sites as well but nothing as of yet. I'm getting married in September. I'm caucasian and my partners is indian hindu. I'm trying my absolute best to merge the 2 cultures but everytime I do something I just seem to be offending someone. We aren't having a christian wedding, just hindu (I gave my dream wedding because to just have a christian wedding would have upset his family and we can't afford both). I have worked so hard to learn about the culture and their traditions and they never seem to want to help me with anything but get so upset when it's not what they wanted. The wedding seems to be more about them than us. My MIL was not even happy with the jewelry I had chosen to wear with my Indian wedding outfit because it was not indian. The guest list is absolutely out of control to the point where I was told my financial advisor has to come.... On top of this, I'm doing my masters. My supervisors are absent most of the time and take a long time to return work to me sometimes up to 2 weeks. I have an assessment due Monday which they only just sent the feedback for and still needs another revision. I sent it to them 2 weeks ago. I understand they have other student and course work to manage but I don't think they should be taking on so much if they can't deliver a high standard of support and teaching. There's a bunch of other stuff too but these are the 3 main things. I don't have anyone to talk to or anything and it doesn't help with my depression and anxiety. I don't know if anyone else is experiencing anything similar but if you are just know you're not alone.

2 years ago

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