I walked in on him beating the shit out of him. Look, I cheated on my bf. I know that I’m an unloyal disgraceful whore and I’ll never forgive myself. The guy I was cheating on him with knew, but he didn’t care. So, I walked in on my now ex bf pummeling his face, nightmarishly. It looks like he had just gotten back from work, be had is dress shirt on, black dress pants, black tie and white dress shirt. His sleeves were rolled up a little past his wrist and his fists were covered with blood. This was shit straight out of a nightmare, blood splatters where on his shirt and face. What really disturbed me is He had this sinister smile on face. The other guy I cheated with’s face was ruined. Almost all His teeth were gone, his eye was literally busted, his nose was dangling and his lip was torn. He’s in the hospital right now in the ICU, his face is completely bandaged and he’s probably going to have to go through surgery. X-rays showed his skull was broken and cracked in several places. I never knew Denzel had such strength for a skinny person. I’m a terrible person all around, none of this would have happened if it weren’t for me being an evil backstabbing bitch.

1 year ago

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