I’m currently pregnant with my boyfriends baby but I found out a week ago before we broke up and he doesn’t want to take responsibility or marry me. In my religion is forbidden to have sex let alone a baby outside marriage. So if my parents found out, they will be disappointed and disown me. I am also at my last year of university. My boyfriend (ex now) is forcing me to have an abortion and to be honest as much as I want to keep the baby, and I don’t believe in abortions. I can’t have this baby right now. I am not ready(financially, physically and emotionally) and I don’t have the support, I know people are going to talk rubbish about me and I was willing to take that risk if only my boyfriend supported me to keep this baby and just married me to keep me from shame but he showed me his true colours and basically said that having this baby is a mistake and I can’t raise a baby alone. I am so disappointed in myself and I can’t believe me out of everyone in my family got pregnant outside marriage.

2 years ago

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