I'll try to make this short... My boyfriend and I will be together 8 years this coming February. From the start he was emotionally abusive and very manipulative. I got pregnant with our son after being together 2 years and then the physical abuse started. It started small and got worse. I never called the police and always stayed for our son. When our son was little I caught him cheating. He was messaging a girl and exchanging pictures. He said it wouldnt happen ever again but it kept happening. This past July I got the courage to leave him. Got a restraining order and stayed with family. He went against the restraining order and manipulated me in to coming back home saying he changed for good. Since then I have once again found him talking to other girls online. But I feel like I can't leave again. I feel stuck and like maybe I just deserve to be treated this way. Help.

3 years ago

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