one of my best friends who’ve i’ve been friends with since elementary school is becoming close friends with someone who really broke me. The person who shes friends with told me in worthless and deserve nothing. I confronted her about it but she just brought up random occasions where i “did the same thing” to her, but nothing will compare to what he did to me. I talked to my other friends in the friend group and they sided with me, saying what she’s doing is completely wrong and out of line. She’ll never understand what he did to me. I almost committed suicide because of him, i stayed up all night because of his words, i stave myself because i feel liek the weight of his words are truly making me feel heavier. I told her that and she just ignored it all and said that i can’t control who she’s friends with. I’m just tired of always fighting with people. I now don’t want to commit suicide anymore but i just wish there was an easy way out that ddint lead to my death.

2 years ago

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