My girlfriend and I seduced and fucked my neighbour’s daughter. We are 15 years old and the girl next door is 10, her name is Yasmin, we were at her house babysitting her at the weekend and we let her drink some of our alcohol that we smuggled in behind her parents backs, she got so drunk and puked quite a lot. She was laughing hysterically as the alcohol surged through her blood stream and when me and my girlfriend started making out on her bed she was curious and kept asking us what we were doing, we had taken all our clothes off and she kept asking why my cock was so big and why my girlfriend was sucking on it. We pulled her up on to the bed with us and we stripped her naked while we all laughed like it was a game. The only girl I’d ever seen naked was my girlfriend and that was when she was 14 so I was surprised to see a naked 10 year old, she didn’t have any boobs and her pussy was totally bald, her body was so tiny and skinny but she looked pretty hot. Before we knew it we were all in a twisted naked pile of arms and legs on her bed, hands were everywhere and touching every part of each other’s bodies. She began to suck on my cock while my girlfriend held her legs up over her shoulders and licked out her pussy. “You have to do it. Come on. Do it.” Said my girlfriend, laying down on her back with Yasmin on her back on top of her, she held her legs apart for me, “Fuck this small pussy. Come on.” She said. First I licked Yasmin’s crack, then I buried my tongue inside it, her pussy instantly began to drip fluids, I fingered her to breach her hymen, she laughed the whole time, she had so much alcohol in her that she didn’t feel any pain at all. I pushed my cock through her hole and watched as her tiny pussy stretched wide as my thick cock slid inside, I saw a lump on her stomach in the shape of my mushroom head because she was so small and skinny, my thick cock was far too much for her, but I pushed through and started to fuck her anyway. As I pounded little Yasmin and made her orgasm again and again, I kissed my girlfriend while doing it, it was the sexiest experience I ever had, fucking a little Yasmin while kissing my girlfriend, it was so hot. I loved how her insides felt like they were hugging my cock, it was intense, I couldn’t resist and I pulled her up on to my lap, wrapped her small arms and legs around me then I grabbed hold of her butt cheeks and bounced her rapidly up and down on my big cock, “Yeah, you like that, Yasmin?” asked my girlfriend. “Argh – Ungh – Yep – Ungh” she groaned. Yasmin weighed almost nothing, she was as light as a feather which made it so easy for me to just keep bouncing her up and down the entire length of my hard shaft, she loved it, I knew that if it wasn’t for the alcohol blocking the pain, she would be in absolute agony right now and screaming her head off. I threw her off of me and then fucked my girlfriend for a few minutes, then we bent Yasmin over a stack of pillows and I brutally fucked her up her tight little ass, I grabbed her hair in a bunch and fucked her like I was riding a horse, tugging on her hair pulling her head back all the time, “Argh – ungh!” she enjoyed that too. I finished by getting off the bed, I pulled Yasmin on to her back and dragged her to the edge of the bed with her head hanging off the side, then I pushed my cock deep down her throat and few my spunk to her, warming up her little belly. Yep, we had a lot of sexy fun that night. We spent hours having a threesome, we fucked, jerked, fingered, sucked and played horses again, it was a magical time and the greatest night of Yasmin’s young life. We will be babysitting her again this weekend and this time we’re bringing sex toys to play with. Little girls are crazy.

1 year ago

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