i’m gay and muslim, my family will never accept me but that’s it even what’s bothering me the fact that my mother can love my brother more than me in pshycotic because i am the better person while he just sits in his room playing video games jobless with his one friend who is scared of him. i hate my brother and would love to see him rot. my mother is a 100% bipolar i swear to god that bitch of a mother can call me pretty fat disgusting and start telling me in a matter of seconds. my middle sister physically causes me pain. she steps all over my body like i’m a sidewalk i’m treated like shit and everyone thinks it’s normal. my eldest sister is an asshwole she can never understand the work NO and she always takes my thing and loves to argue about how she has it first. my father is useless i could honestly care less he makes less than me and i don’t even have a job. I feel worthless in my own household. when i’m older famous and rich i will do nothing to help these people because they have been nothing happy in my life for the past 4 years. oops did it forget to mention the part where i have no friends, or i mean no real friends. the people i hang out with are trashy little brats who waste their money and boba. honestly i would too but i would never comment how insecurities people have that they specifically told me not to bring it up. why should i hang out with people who don’t give a crap about me and make me feel like shit and i’m the older one those asswhole are dicks and need to learn that jokes are taken seriously when mentioned far too many times. the school friends i have don’t even bother reaching out and the one that does takes a whole fuckin day to respond . i’m lonely but i don’t give a crap, these people aren’t with my sore throat when i cry, their not worth my time and pain and suffering that they have given me. screw those bitches. It’s just me and devyn now✌️

2 years ago

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