Imagine liking someone so much that they asked you out and answered yes so happily because you were ready, just for them to act as if they weren't in a relationship and acting completely different from when you met them. I feel like crap I really do, I thought we had something but then they started to act distant, different, and as if they weren't really my partner. I guess it was my fault for not clearly thinking but I really was ready to give it my all since the last relationship was a fail, they gave so many signs as if they loved me but the signs weren't clear enough for me to see the words "you're gonna get played" like damn I really be out here saying my last relationship failed me, broke me, and I never want to feel that again, just for it to be continuous. When they ask about me, I tell them, and what I get as a reply is, "Why do you always make this about you?" like damn I'm sorry that you wanted me first and now think that I'm nothing. Anyways that was the tea for today there was more but I really rather just let it eat me up inside, because Spain without the s.

2 years ago

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