We are about to go on lockdown again, if you have more than 10 people inside your house you are arrested and outdoors you cannot gather with more than 25. All special events are to be canceled including all events that we post pound until August since they said it would be safe for the summer to do things that we had to cancel last Christmas and last summer. And now we have to fucking miss it again and obviously will have to fucking miss it at Christmas this year and probably next fucking summer. I can’t take this fucking coronavirus anymore. The solution is so much worse than the disease. I know people of died but that’s why we get vaccinated and vaccinated people don’t die. If someone gets it now and dies that’s their choice because they chose not to get vaccinated. Yes 400 kids have died from the virus but guess what that more than that die every year running out in the street and getting hit by a car. Do we outlaw children playing outside as a result? coronavirus is horrible, yes people of died, but we can’t stop living because there’s a threat of death. I understand six weeks to stop the spread cancel Easter 2020 so we can have summer. After that it has been fucking ridiculous. We did not stop the spread and so it is simply here to stay. We need to stand up and start a revolution the end the isolation. Social distancing is social isolating and that is wrong !!! i’m OK with wearing a mask in fact I voluntarily do now the cases are on the rise here in Missouri. I’m also OK with trying not to stand too close to people space. Some of that is good for any year and flu season. Right now if they want to require masks that’s fine. requiring us to isolate and only see people virtually though it’s disgraceful and wrong and shameful and I am ashamed to be an American. Fuck

1 year ago

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