Everyone is gone, i feel like i have nothing anymore, my mom left me when i was younger she did drugs and had mentle problems, she had 3 other children who were my sisters i watched my mom beat up my oldest sister, i saw her through my other sister out the window of a 2 story building, i was taken away and i watched her get arrested many times i have been to fostercare and back to her house again and again until oneday i was taken away for good she was suposed to call she even had access to a phone but she never did, so i went to live with my dad he didnt have a room in the house because of my step mom and her two sons my step brothers i didnt have a room in the house because they were all taken but there was a big hallway in the bacement that i got a bed to sleep in soon my dad and stepmom got married she was kind at first they would work all day and my two older brothers would take turns baby sitting me when they were home one of them would sexually abuse me make me do thing for him and at the time i was maybe 7 this went on for 3 years until i was 10 he would baby sit me every summer one time i was so scared when he called me that i hid from him he called my step mom and she came home and when she found me she hit me and spanked me because i hid from him no one knew or knows what he did, soon i was old enough to stay home alone. I got into trouble all the time for little things like when i would go upstairs at night or eat cookies out of the cupboard i also wasmt allowed any of my own toys or things in my room so if i left something down there it was taken away after me and my step mom got into worse fights my dad knew he had to do something, so he got rid of me, i was 13 at the time i went to live with my grandma which was very lucky for me because it was either that or foster care. And my dad would call every once in a while. Thats pretty much my whole story shortened i am 14 now and all i can do is hope that things get better

2 years ago

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