My teacher got really angry, she stood up in front of the whole department and shouted "I can't teach her " regarding me. I am not a difficult kid. I am very quiet and I know that sometimes I can be too quiet. But I have an anxiety disorder which she is aware of. I used to be able to confide in her. She would leave her other classes just to come and sit with me and talk about the things that were bothering me. I never asked her for this advice but she would take me to.a separate room and we would sit there for hours and just talk. Suddenly this has changed and she now professed out loud that she can't teach me. It's made me feel so embarrassed. I don't k ow.what I have done when she was the one offering me support . I never once asked for it. I feel like I've been lead along into thinking I can trust her amd I can talk to her but now she has made me feel like I am an impossible person and I feel so hurt. I don't understand what I have done. Why would they do this?

1 year ago

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