Hello, I’m Charley.. I’ve had a crush on a guy since November, we are good freinds even been shipped together and we have a ship name, but since this started it’s taking over my life, emotionally wearing me down, making the worst of me, the jealous side of me come out when he is freinds or with other girls, I hate it. I feel like I need to keep on this facade though, as I do like him in a way bjr It’s tearing me down, making me self harm even. It’s getting overwhelming and all my friends ship it but I don’t want them to be upset if I tell them my problems with the ship as it brings them so much happiness, He is a close friend of mine, known him for years and since this ship and feelings developed everything’s gone wrong and I don’t know what to do! Should I tell them to stop, should I ask him out? As I do like him and apparently he likes me, going red all the time my freinds ask if he likes me, looking at me from the other side of the room. I don’t know want to do, I want to end the friendship almost as then I’ll be free but I don’t want to leave this friendship thag we have had for so long, everything just isn’t going well. Help me. Please.

1 year ago

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