god i hate my step dad, he treats me so much differently than he treats the boys in this house, he insults me about my weight and appearance but he tells my mom its "jokingly", plus the boys get away with so much, they get to scream and cry and fight and cuss and yell and slam doors, but i barely have a attitude, if i say one thing wrong its "lose the attitude" or "you always got that damn attitude" or my personal favorite "give me your phone". of course my parents go through my phone, im 15, but they do it WHENEVR i'm in trouble, but yet, the boys "get in trouble" all the time and their phones and computers or tablets or tvs never get taken! its so unfair. i can't even have my own privacy without it being "secretive" or "troublesome" i cant even think without them asking about it!! talk about helicopter parents. any advice on what i should do???

2 years ago

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