my bf of 1 year broke up with me last night over text 2 weeks before my birthday. i have never cried harder in my whole life, and i cried so hard i puked and got a headache. i dont know how to live without him and i feel like theres an empty hole right through the middle of my chest where his love used to be. i know he never treated me how i deserved but ive never been more in love with someone, and in this situation i loved him to the point where id do anything for him even if it burdened me. every time i think about him now i start crying and its only been a day but ive never felt deeper pain before in my life. we made so many promises that we'll never get to keep and there was so many that every word i see reminds me of one somehow. i think of him with everything i do, he never leaves my mind. i dont know what to do.

1 year ago

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