I've been fucking my first cousin and I didn't even know it

I met him a year ago. He's just a fucking genius in bed. I never had so many orgasms in a single day every single time we fuck. He's strong, he's got stamina, he's just perfect. He's also super sweet and extremely funny. The sex is so good that we wondered if it made sense to start camming and shit since we're both broke. We've been giving it a shot for a couple of months and it looks like it might work. However, recently I told my mom that I've been dating him and she got mad. She started screaming and calling me names. When she calmed down she finally told me that he's my first cousin 😳 I had no way to know it because he's the son of a pretty awful and problematic uncle I've never even seen. His parents divorced before he was born so he just kept his mother's surname. He never wanted to talk about his dad and I never insisted. My mom basically ordered me to stop seeing him, but I don't fucking care tbh. I talked to him about it because I figured that he would find out on his own anyway and he doesn't either. It's been a year at this point, and it's a little late to find it disgusting after all the hardcore shit we did together in front of people tipping us lol. And I think we're in love now. We just like each other and we're not gonna stop now. If my mom keeps wailing on with her drama I'll just move in with him. Also I kinda love how dirty this sounds lol it feels like the beginning of a game of thrones romance

1 year ago

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