Months ago I wrote something on here about my lover/bestfriend. At the time I didnt know if they loved me back. We touched as in held hands, hugged and others. Everytime we did this I fell in love more and more and I felt ashamed, because I thought they didnt like me. A month or more later I asked them. They said they liked me in that way but I was still confused. I pushed it aside and we did what we usally did. Talked, touched, and more. A couple weeks ago we had a lot more conversations. We had a conversation where we were talking about love. I figured out that they did love me all along, more then friends. Now we talk about our future and do a lot more now that we both has confessed. Im still so confused on how this happend. I never thought that this person would love. We shared notes we wrote months apart before we knew we were both in love and it was so cute. To this day im still in love and im so grateful that I have this person in my life. We are so young. Were both in middle school. We wanna date when we are 16 and I will wait so long just to have this person for the rest of my life. I really think this person is the one so I hope we can wait a bit longer.

1 year ago

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