I'm 16 and I want to get my GED instead of my high school diploma. I want to then go to college after. Will I get less work even if I have higher education as well? I don't want to finish high school if I can get a GED and start college early, I want to have a lot of college learning and it's going to take many years to do all of it so the faster I can get out of high school, the faster I can get done with college. I just don't know if it's worth it though. Will having a GED instead of a high school diploma make me have less of a chance of work? even though I'm going to have higher education? My plan is to get my GED, go into community college, and get my associate's in business management, then when I'm done with that at 18, I want to go into university for translating, I'm going to take classes full time and not take off summers and winters so that I can finish university in 2 years as well, then if I want to, go back to college and further my degree. I just need to know if this is a bad idea or if the GED will hold me back in any way. Is this a bad idea?

2 years ago

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