(Please Read) You’re still in my heart somewhere, I don’t know why I still hold onto you deep down. Maybe it’s because you were my first love, but we never took that chance Michael, you know my middle school years were fun because of you, you were the most perfect out of the students, good at sports and I wasn’t the prettiest but you showed me kindness, even if you were a grade above me, since you left after 8th grade I finished my remaining year, entering high school I grew more, and became more beautiful, and better, it was because of you. I kept thinking how maybe one day we can see each other again, but you went to the north school and not the south I was at, that’s fine, But what hurts me is the fact I’m graduating soon, and when I reached out to you I asked you if you liked me, the fact I heard from someone you confessed to them saying you had feelings for me, and throughout those years my heart always raced when I saw you, I was happy when we worked together, when you chose me, you were so happy as well when you talked about technology and what you did on the computer, yet I don’t understand, I saved your number and I sent that message, you only sent one response saying you did like me and when I asked why you didn’t tell me you stopped texting and change numbers it seems, I don’t get it, you’re probably off to college and University already, and that’s fine, I just wish I could tell you how I truly felt, I had so many opportunities to do so, when we ran together you took my hand, helping me avoid my ex. You even protected me, do you have any idea how much that meant to me, I should’ve told you, my feelings, and I accept and understand, even if we don’t ever date, I’d want to start over as friends, if one day I can see you, even if it’s just for a minute, do you know what I’ve been through since you left? I guess to put it simply when you left after graduating, things didn’t go my way or a good way for awhile, maybe it’s because I was too naive, but now being older looking back, I’m thankful for all the bad and good experiences I had, it’s called living life, and moving forward, to forget and move on. But Michael, if by chance you ever see this, you know who I am, even with glasses, you still looked good in my eyes, and the last time I saw you when you were a freshman you didn’t wear them anymore or the jacket so why do you change so much? I get it but, it just didn’t feel the same anymore, well, I feel better after expressing this, hope I can see you again because I have every once and awhile you come into my mind, you’re right there Michael, now I don’t know why you haven’t made contact with me, I don’t know why you didn’t respond when I asked why you didn’t tell me, I should’ve just sent the text I love you, but I didn’t and I lost my first love because of it, wherever you are Michael, I wish you happiness, and if I ever see you again, I won’t run away. I will face you, and tell you, and say what I feel, you probably haven’t forgot me either, it’s funny, why else would you want to put a wall up with me? When I didn’t do anything wrong. Do you regret it too? We both didn’t tell each other how we felt, that was our mistake, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s heart raced out of the both of us.

2 years ago

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