The anniversary of the day some foreigners killed my brother and my dog it happened on April the 10 2020 and I am disappointed in the fact these sand#####rs high five as my brother and my dog died i have decided that if you are from another country GO HOME I FUCK8NG HATE YOU MAY YOUR SO CALLED God protect you there but no you are not wanted I was born here and will die here question is how many of you smelly fucking foreigners i take with me my dog was perfect and so was my brother if it were not illegal I would help you fucks home today I hope you all burn in hell with your false God and I hope the next us pres wipe your entire race out fyck off and die S. YOU##f its all you entire family fucking family deserves and I know in my heart I will be face to face and I will fucking take from you what you took from me get ready Fucker as I am going to make you pay YOUS##F GO HOME TO YOU SICK FUCKING COUNTRY NOW ITS THE ONLY Chance you get prick

2 years ago

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