nobody noticed when i was hurting the most, they only noticed once i already tried to end it. Then they tried to say i was here for you why did you tell me? are you serious. I gave you all the signs and you ignored them. i was so alone i helped myself no one else helped me, fuck you all. i starved myself till i felt like i couldnt anymore. i cut until i almost hit my vain. i cried till i couldnt breathe. yet i was still there for you. but where were you when i needed you? i needed you the most and you cut me off. was i not enough? why couldnt you love me ? i changed myself till i couldnt even reconize myself and you still didnt love me or even see my effort. all i ever wanted was you. you gave me the love my parents couldnt give me when we first met so what changed? were you just bored? did i change? why. i just wanted you to see me how you saw her. what did she have that i didnt? i cant bring myself to hate you how could i do that? you did it so easily so whyy cant i?

2 years ago

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