why? why do I feel sad all the time when I should be happy i can’t have these emotions because i’m young . I hate this feeling I just wanna actually laugh for once just something to spark some emotion in me but I can’t. I can’t. I lie all the time to everyone I even lied about the most awful things. How could I do that? I told people super traumatic stuff that actually never happened. I like the attention I get I think. I know i’m a terrible person I do. I don’t care though I cut myself and didn’t shed a tear? I just did it and I think I only did it bc my friends did. Do you know how fucked up that is? I only self harmed bc I wanted other people to ask if I was ok??? I can’t stop these actions I just do it. I lie about everything. I mean everything. My life isn’t even that bad but I tell people the most awful things to make it seem like i’m this poor little girl. I hate myself for it but can’t stop. What is happening.

2 years ago

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