I feel alone all then time even tho I have 2 friends to talk to I still feel alone I feel like I have something to say but it won't come out I try to talk to my mom but every time I hey a chance I end up not telling her how I feel... I would live to have someone who knew what it's like to be so stressed and alone all the time it feels like I'm depressed but every time I come to the time where I can tell someone how I feel I just give up... I wish I had someone there to cry with me every night and day knowing what it feels like to be in the situation that I'm in. I cry every night feeling lonely trying to quiet not breathe heavily so no one would know I know I should tell someone how I feel but it's hard to tell someone something that has been going on for it seems to be months sometime I feel like ending my life and I sometimes feel like grabbing a knife and stapng myself most night I would have to run to the bathroom to finding myself looking in the mirror.i feel so happy around my friend and I'm not faking my happiness at a but I know deep down in dieing.

2 years ago

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