I am 14 years old, last year in October I went on a family vacation and me and my mothers' boyfriend got into an argument. I never really liked the way he spoke to me or the way he spoke to women. That day we were in a pizza place and he just was being so rude, he thinks that men are better than women and I never liked that. He was one of the biggest reasons I fell into an awful depression. We never had a good relationship we never got along. He tried his absolute best to take my mom away from me. Him and my sister had the same exact issue. It got to the point where they didn't speak again. While we were on vacation we had got into a very very bad argument to the point that I knew if I were to stay around him for that night I would have done something that is irreversible. I decided to call the police so I could get help, I got sent to a psych ward and I had to stay there overnight. When I got out we went home, when I got home it's like everybody had turned against me. My mom had told me that I ruined her family and about how mad she was at me. My sister completely went off on me saying how my family wants nothing to do with me. Obviously, that is extremely hard to hear, that's my family, and for her to say something like that really hurt me. My grandma said that I should apologize to my mom and her boyfriend for ruining their family. I felt alone, my mom had taken away all of my electronics and school was not in person at that time. I had no way of communicating with my friends. I had nobody to talk to, I was alone. I felt that my whole family hated me I had nobody but myself and what is that gonna do? I'm alone stuck in my own thoughts. After that happened him and my sister because best friends. To this day I will never be able to trust any of them again. I can say that music has saved my life, if it wasn't for music I would not be here right now. It happened almost a year ago but ill never forget feeling the way that I did. I felt sad, mad, embarrassed, confused I felt so many emotions. Me and him do not speak and we will never speak again. I needed to get that off my chest.

1 year ago

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