So I think my best friend might be starting to not like me anymore here's why last night we were on a call and we usually fall asleep otp but right before I was about to go to sleep I check if she was still there (because she had gone on mute and I don't wanna pry so I never ask why she only goes on mute for certain reasons) and she wasn't there so I thought that her phone died or something and went to bed then I check her story today and see that she asked who wants to fall asleep otp and that was while we were still on call so I'm thinking she left the call because she wanted to call someone else and not me which stings a little but she also hasn't been texting a lot or answering my texts and we usually text everyday so yea just wanted to get that off my chest thanks for reading this and if you have any tips please tell me they'd be much appreciated.

2 years ago

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