as much animosity as i have toward the world and as much as i hate this place i still havent managed to lose all compassion and become heartless just yet.. i still check on people idk that are confessing how hurt they are.. i help everyone i can if i can do it.. i care about people that ive never seen and never will again, but nobody cares.. it gets old, i try to console all these kids on here with their boyfriend/girlfriend issues or their mean parents or their shitty friends at school and how its all so bad they wanna cut and and run away and its all so petty and means nothing in the long run, and out of the shit i've seen and somehow managed to survive, even literally after dying, more than once.. i still try and be compassionate and care.. and nobody gives a fuck.. im bout done with it. i bet none of you even attempt to try and cheer me up. which is what im aiming for, i really do need it. i wont go into explaining the multitude of the fucked up situation right now cuz nobody cares.. but trust me, if u really knew.. just how hellish of a nightmare ive been in for so long, beyond most of your abilities to even fathom, but i still try to cheer up the 15 yr old girl whos mom called her a bitch and now shes cutting herself.. the gay kid in high school that doesnt know how to approach another dude for teh first time.. the effeminate men who let their women run over them and cheat on them and mistreat them.. the women who let the men objectify and abuse them.. im there for all of you.. lets see who can be here for me this time?

2 years ago

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