im over this I AM SO OVER THIS BULLSHIT im tired of the drama im tired of never being good enough for ANYONE i have not had one positive thing happen to me in so long. This may sound so silly and childish but my sister is so mean im scared to even be in a room with her now, because all she does is make me cry, and trust me im way to old for that, no matter what it is my parents will take her side, and i do SO MUCH for their validation SO MUCH and its never good enough, school is finaly over and i thought id feel sm relife but im just tired, i dont wanna be here with my family but all my friends left me, so im alone so alone. I NEED SOMEONE so bad. Its so bad that anytime somone says anything negitive twords me i say it over and over again. I cant even get mad anymore, i just get sader it seems like, i just want to be better something that will make them love me more of just diffrently, im not the pretty one, not the athletic one, i dont really have friends.. i just need something. It feels like i cant be happy, like my head wont let me. And i have so much going on, im closeted. alone. and have 0 support. im over this to be compleatly honest.

2 years ago

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