1 year and two months is where my life went downhill. The day that the one person I would’ve never thought if left me for good. Ever since that day I’ve never been the same. The things I used to do dont excite me, I don’t dont have a motive to do anything. I used to be an outside person but now I hate the light, I stay in my room and I just tell everyone i’m ok when im not. Sometimes I wish I could just be with him or atleast say goodbye. He passed in a car accident now I don’t even want to be in cars especially the passenger seat.One day I joked about how I really fet thunking nobody was listening but somebody caught, and asked if it was true but I wasn’t ready to tell anyone so me being the person I am said I was joking. Maybe If I survive a couple more years I’ll be able to travel to world and just disappear from the world and all my problems. I don’t know what to call it exactly but I don’t like it i want to go back to the way it was. I even thought about cutting but then I didn’t want to bc it would hurt.

1 year ago

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