I fight with my brother a lot. most of it is minuscule things that don't end up being a big deal, but there's one thing that my brother does (or rather doesn't do) that has been making me feel kinda bad for him. He severely mistreats his laptop! He's dirty in general, probably because he's just a kid; reluctant to shower, trash all over his room, barely changes his clothes. But that laptop... it's depressing. Three of the slots in the cooling fan are clogged up with crumbs. He said that it isn't his fault, and that used to be our dad's laptop before he got a new one and passed his old one to my brother. Even if that was the case, why didn't our father pay to get the crumbs out? And if dad didn't think it was a big deal, why didn't my brother notice that it was making his computer heat up terribly and slowing it down? My brother refused to answer me. And his computer in general is crusty. I offered to clean it for him, no charge (sometimes we do favours for each other to get paid, but at this point, the filth was bothering me so much I didn't care about money.), and just clean the exterior. He refused this too and didn't tell me why he wouldn't let me. I've asked him if I could clean his room before, in our old house. It was disgusting in there, and I said I'd clean it for him. I got the same reaction that time. He keeps his computer *charging all the time.* It is constantly on because he AFKs on Roblox games while he sleeps, then plays on it all day. Now, I have nothing against him using his computer all day. He has many files, downloads, saved images that go untouched. I was watching his play FNF Tricky Mod and he had 6 useless tabs open! Microsoft Edge, Opera, File Explorer, and three tabs I couldn't recognize while running the Tricky Mod while having it plugged in for a month straight, full brightness, and no rest for that poor laptop! My brother's filthiness has been bothering me ever since we moved into the old house. He was 5 when we moved there, and he automatically started leaving full plates of pasta on the table, spilling water on the kitchen floor without wiping it. We have a Playstation that he so valiantly claims ownership of, just because on his 10th birthday, we got him PSVR. He always tangles the cord and loses the TV/PS4 remotes, and blames it on me. He has an iPhone XS Max that he throws into the wall every time it dies but complains even though he never charges it. I'm glad my mother got him a really good phone case because that phone would be shattered without it. And he's just generally disrespectful to everyone and everything. Even at our new house, some things never change. He likes to grab my cat and push him around as a joke, then gets angry and shouts at the cat when he bites him. He plays video game with his best friend a lot, and he rages so frequently no matter how many times I tell him to stay quiet. He doesn't have manners, sneezes on people, burps in our faces, and *still* tries to claim the PS4 and PSVR is his, but our parents bought both and we are supposed to share. After watching him play FNF TRicky mod, we had the feud about his filthy laptop, and I took his charger. Tonight I'm gonna wait until my brother falls asleep with it on. Then I can take it, clean it, delete anything unneseccary, then let it die for at least an hour. Then I'll plug it in and let it charge (not overcharge!), unplug it, and put it back. I know my brother is gonna be pissed, but if he gets our mom involved, she might take my side. What I have trouble understanding is why such a selfish kid doesn't want the most valuable, precious thing he owns to be cleaned and taken care of by the person he loaths the most. My brother despises me, but he's really selfish. Why wouldn't he want his laptop cleaned? He uses it 24/7, and he acknowledges that he's mistreating it. While we were fighting, I explained to him that once dad finds out that his computer stopped working because he didn't take care of it, dad won't buy him another computer. "Please dude, I'll regularly clean your computer for you, and I'm not asking for anything in return!" "... No. Get out of my room." I hope my plan works tonight. I feel so bad for that laptop... :(

1 year ago

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