I'm annoyed with the news for stoking racial tensions. It doesn't help and it interferes with my personal relations. I'm a White woman and I have Black lovers. That fact doesn't sit well with some people especially with current news events fanning the flames. When I started college the sorority girls knew a few very well endowed Blacks from Craigslist. These guys were clean, drug and disease free and had been banging the girls on campus for several years. When I saw their photos I was shocked that any guy could have 'that' much length and girth. I went for the forbidden fruit and had very 'fulfilling' times with thrilling orgasms . I knew I wouldn't get that when I went back home. After I graduated and returned home I married my waiting fiancé under pressure. Then I got a job offer in the city where I had gone to college. I told my husband I was leaving. He begged and pleaded that he would do anything. I allowed him to come along after he agreed that I was in charge of the marriage and free to have sex with anyone. We moved to the big city and I resumed my 'fulfilling' times with my lovers. They introduced a few new hung horses. My husband doesn't like it but I am in charge of the marriage and of him and his little 5" penis. That thing is so tiny it fits inside a toilet paper roll but isn't long enough to stick out the end. I don't know why I married him because I knew I wouldn't be happy with that tiny thing! So now to humiliate and control him, I make him watch as a Black stud bangs me. Although he is jealous, his little penis stands up at attention as he watches those big studs pumping in and out of me. He's worried that I will get pregnant and have a dark skinned child which he could never explain to his relatives back home. So when I rub his little erection I always tell him that I'm going to have a Black man impregnate me and I'm going to have a checkerboard baby (white and black). That seems to make him even more aroused. He begs, "no, no, no" and then he shoots his little squirt of sperm. He's so tiny and his ejaculation is so tiny compared to my lovers. Each time I get it from one of my lovers I allow my husband to get his little thing rubbed. I make him tell me what he saw as he sat there watching me take it in deep. I make him say how humiliated he was that he can't do it and I tell him I might get pregnant from that river of hot Black sperm that fills me up. I love to humiliate him and make him watch and see what he can't do. I'd like to have a baby but I know the challenges of having a mixed child but I don't want to have my husband's child either. I want a child from a physically fit male specimen that is well equipped and can pass that along genetically. I suppose I could find such a White guy and let my husband think that the child is his. That would be a gracious thing to do. I guess having my husband around is convenient. But he's not good for sex except for some licking. Then he pleads for a blowjob in return and I firmly tell him NO! It drives him crazy that I lick and suck the shafts of my lovers. My husband gets his rubbed if he pleads enough and is sincere. Sometimes I let him kneel in front of me and I use my toe to stroke his little thing until he drips his sperm on himself. He's pathetic but entertaining. The size problem would be solved if males under 7 inches were not allowed to reproduce.

1 year ago

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