what the fuck why am i doing this?!?!?!? i don't know what i want in my fucking life i feel numb waking up everyday wanting the boy of my dreams that treated me like shit but instead i have a friend's ex simping for me because i'm the "lady of his dreams" i don't know what to do because at first i planned on hurting him at the end but i'm starting to like him but i don't wanna hurt him because my heart is still stuck on someone that i LOVE, no one that's reading this understands how much i like him because he makes me feel like someone else. Before him my life was simple but now my life is getting harder by each day and i can't live without him, it feels like hell each day waking up in my small room thinking he'll come back when he isn't coming back because i made his life a living hell when we broke up. first kiss, first love, first touch.... first person that did something to me that i won't forgive. I fucking hate him but i fucking love him, if i put it in words i would say the relationship was just like harley quinn and the fucking joker <3. he would always be in my heart and no one can't replace him because he has a place in my heart...a place that can't be fixed because he was my everything to me but he has moved on and i'm struggling to move on but you know :) it's LIFE!!!! :/ life...oh JENNIE his girl HE LOVES HE LOVES HE LOVES HER! well Jennie good luck i wanna see you handling him :) hope the best happens for you 2 :) oh and he's an asshole he doesn't know how to take care of himself nor anyone else, he's only dating you because he can't pull anyone in his grade. goodbye freshmen year and hello Sophomore Slump ! i'll soon to be dating a junior :/ and he's soon to be dating...i don't know what grade Jennie is but i for sure know that he's a junior...well hopefully he won't ruin my relationship with this guy that i'm talking to or else i'll make it even more harder and make him feel how depression really feels! :)

2 years ago

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