Have you ever wondered the amount of courage it takes to beg for coins? The humility they felt when they first started begging? I constantly rolled my eyes and said no trying to get away from them like they were a wild animal. They are human. They are in pain. And the spare change in your pocket isn’t going to take them far! So, whether it’s for drugs that can aid killing their hunger for a few more hours, Or money to buy pads or a basic necessity. If your gut is telling you to help them do it. I’ve left feeling bad for not helping someone… follow your gut feeling it’s the Holy Spirit and it’s asking us to walk by faith and not by sight. Once I saw a lady selling flowers at a stop light. Without hesitation I offered her a water of bottle I had just bought for me (my gut told me to I call it the Holy Spirit) she immediately drank from it. I drove off seeing her drink it. I noticed the driver next to me kind of shocked at that.

1 year ago

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