Im not ok Lately I've been going through alot thinking about ending my own life Scared of growing up and being alone Tonight i had the worst metal breakdown over something comepletely stupid but heres my view Someone called me a bitch and no one said anything about it but when i went to call them some shit back everyone got offended why is life so unfair ive been getting targeted like this all day i tried becoming the targeter once and putting others down after rageing about unfairness but theres always a hero for anyone but me no matter if i do good or bad im utterly worthless and do not deserve respect And im sick of it theres no winning It just reminds me of how i have no friends irl due to no one likeing me and stuff its all just too unfair for me i got told by a friend online that "Idk why they messing with you your a good person" "You really dont deserve that" Yeah no it feels like its just me in this world and everyone is against me and wants me dead even i myself want me dead I cant be here anymore its putting to much stress in my head

2 years ago

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