I'm 17 yo and never experimented my first love, I just had a false crush for 5 years, and I regret wasting my time like this and my health. I was crying cuz he doesn't have interest in me and I got deep into depression because of him and because I hated my self, the way I look, the way I talk, I walk , I hated everything about me. I started hating love and focusing on my studies cuz I was floating outdoors, neither in my world nor in the actual world. I was a mess, I was nothing , but a broken toy who no one fixes it or throw it away. But finally, after years, I felt something new, I always smile when I look at him, I just can't control it, and I think......I fall in love :) I always compare myself to others girls and It's hard to accept myself, and seeing him it makes me question myself even more if I'm worth it.

1 year ago

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