I got pregnant by a fling, never told him.. because it turns out he was pure evil. now I want more children and I want them to have the same father biologically. I’m afraid if I have a baby by someone else, it won’t be as beautiful as my first.. I’m almost tempted to get a lawyer to buy sperm from him.. i feel guilty because I have a boyfriend. But he got someone else pregnant while we were on a break. And that makes me to never want a child with him anyway. But he’s brought up having a child with him and I’ve told him multiple times with a different excuse that I don’t want one. Even though I desperately do. Just not with him.. it makes me sick to my stomach seeing his child that shouldn’t have been born. I hold a lot of resentment towards him for this child. Even though the baby didn’t ask for life. It’s still his fault for ruining our future together.

2 years ago

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