I play up for all my sports constantly pushing myself not to fail, but no matter what I do I'm always reminded that I'm failing at everything. I think I'm starting to get tired, not that I'm already past the point of tired. I'm exhausted, I'm exhausted from feeling out of place looking at myself in the mirror “ why can't I be better, why am I like this?” Even now while I shut myself in this room, lights off and play music I can still hear bickering in this house. I've stopped eating as much lately. I know it's bad and unhealthy, but I feel like it's the only thing I can do right now. But I'm still being told to cut down on how much I eat. I wonder if my family has even noticed my new eating habits. I have some days where my self esteem is peaking but then with the slightest push I can feel it all come crumbling underneath me. I think I'm too fragile. My life isn't bad. My bad grades are my own fault but I still feel the stress. Well that's all I wanted to say.

2 years ago

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