I enjoy my vacation visiting my aunt’s house (usually) , this summer vacation was the same as ever, I went to visit my aunt’s house, my aunt had an only daughter who is the same age as me, she has a petit figure like most girls around the age and she is pretty good looking in my standards, my aunt had a night shift job so we will be going to bed at the time But last year when I turned 14 I started to see my cousin sister in a sexual way, usually peeking glances at her ass, I used to stare at her ass and jerk off when she used to take short afternoon naps usually And this year once again I’m visiting my aunt and as usual I arrived there by evening, we said hello and had a chat , and then I asked how my cousin was doing she replied fine and I had a little chat with her And then came night my aunt left for her job me and my cousin told me she would sleep and went to her room, I usually sleep on the couch, I was texting one of my friend’s so I didn’t see the time pass by, it was already midnight Now to set my plan into action, I went to cousin’s room and I saw her sleeping on the bed , she was facing to the wall with her back turned, she wore leggings and tank top, and she was also a very deep sleeper , I slowly crept up to her bed and nudged her , she was deep asleep, this boosted my confidence and I started to grope her ass, ahh it felt like heaven, now I slid down her leggings and saw her naked ass,it wasn’t big but soft,i liked this and squeezed harder, my cock was rock hard, I started to grind my dick against her ass, it felt amazing , then she suddenly woke up, crap I thought I went overboard, smiling she asked me what I was doing, I couldn’t give her an answer, then she explained me that she was awake when I entered her room and she secretly had a crush on me, I was surprised never did I thought she would like me, then she grabbed my dick and said we could continue, I put my two fingers in her pussy and started inserting it, she felt good, I continued to rub her pussy until she came, then I told her to lay her hands and legs to do a doggy style, then I penetrated her, she screamed apparently she was a virgin , so I took it slow and then started thrusting my cock into her pussy, for few minutes, she started to feel good and so thrusted harder and faster all the while slapping her ass, and then we finally came. After this we are fuck buddies

1 year ago

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