this is weird to for to say bc i normally dont tell people but if i hurt my self then im sorry im not in a good place and all i can think about at night is hurting myself or doing something worse then at, im just feel like hurts emotionally and i cant keep on going bc it hurts so fucking much, i cant handle it, i just need a hug or someone to care enough to listen to me and i know you might not understand what im going through but the best way explain it is there is something in your head thats telling you to kill yourself and it tells you that no one likes you and your to much and the world would be better with out and it tells you dont deserve to live and it hurts more in your head then when people say it, ngl ive been in so much pain to the point were i have to see my friends or talk to them so that i forget about the pain., i dont know what to do anymore

1 year ago

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