Everyone hates me. I'm all alone. I feel so awful. No one cares anymore. I should just die. They isolated me, its all my fault. I cut to make it stop. If I threat to kill myself they'd take me away. Would they stop then? Is that the only way to get them to care? Cause if I talk about it, I'm being too dramatic, but I'm not trying to be. I need to stop crying. I need to stop crying. Just hold it back. Everything is so difficult. Why would they treat me like this if they know how bad it gets? They don't care. They wanna see me die. They like to see me suffer. Thats why they left me alone. Thats why I will never be happy. Thats why I'm better off dead. Thats why I have to be alone. Thats why I need to stop giving them energy. Thats why I can't care anymore. I need to be quiet. I need to be dead walking. They need to lose me. My happiness, my joy. My spirit. Cause when they do, they would be upset. I don't care about there feelings. I'm always dramatic I guess. I don't wanna eat anymore. I need to stop eating. Maybe that would help. And cutting. I can cut and the pain will go away. I will figure it out on my own. I'm all alone now. No matter what anyone says. I'll figure it out. Yeah. I feel better now.

2 years ago

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