I got sucked off for the first time it was amazing. It wasn’t the feeling that made it so good, don’t get me wrong it was phenomenal. It was how it went down. My Ex came over to my house, she was trying to seduce me the whole time, she was successful. She would pretend to drop her phone accidentally and bend over and put her ass in my face. She would be in the bathroom topless with the door open. I couldn’t take it anymore so I went in my room and beat my dick. This was all part of her scheme, I was subconsciously going along with her plan. She knocks on the door and she’s like “Denzel?… what are you doing in there?” I was literally living through a porn plot. I’m like “nothing, please leave” She opens the door and I freeze in fear. She quickly closes it but comes back and is all like “let me see it” I have the sheets over my dick, I don’t say anything so she comes over and takes them off. She’s all like “wooow” and does that kinky little giggle she does. She starts jacking me off. Then she starts sucking. Dude I never thought it would feel this good. Like holy shit. She starts licking it and playing around with it AAHHHHH. After I came in her mouth we lied down in my bed sorta cuddling. Does this make us a thing again now? I never asked for any of this.

1 year ago

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