where do i even start,, me and my friend used to be like family but now we’re just slowly drifting apart and i don’t want to go through that pain of loosing someone that close to me again it used to just be us two and now its other people and i tried to make plans and they invited other people and ik its not even that bad but like we haven’t hung out in ages and i thought it’d be fun if we could just hang out for even a minute just to catch up and the thing is its one of those friendships where its awkward to show any physical affection but all i want to do is just give them a hug and say how much i really like them and i just can’t,, and i think this other person caused them to be more distant because ever since i’ve been friend with them we started to drift more and more because the new friend became annoyed and said that they feel like i’m replacing them with my old friend even tho how is that poss if they were my friend before we were friends and now i’m typing this out i realise it’s gonna get really confusing so let’s just use fake names like those story time videos everyone would watch to hear some real drama even tho half of them are real,, anyways let’s call my old friend jess and my new friend alex ok let me continue my rant i’m not even going to post this it’s so embarrassing or do i just fuck it i’m writing down what i’m thinking and it’s gonna go bad and i’ve also forgot what i was going to say but in the end i don’t want to lose them cause they’re an actual descent non toxic person

1 year ago

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