this is a lot of shit so put on your seatbelt guys. i really don’t know what to do anymore and i need advice. but keep in mind that yes theres a lot of bad but the good is better than the bad most times. i’m in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend. we have never met but we’ve known each other for almost a year now. we have been dating for 7 months now in a few days. he was amazing in the beginning. the best. but now it’s constant fights and name calling. like we’re lucky to have a full day without fighting. he’s literally my everything. there’s some stuff i hate about him tho. first he’s a liar. i’ve caught him in so many lies. he won’t admit to it tho. second he’s a cheater. but it’s such a difficult situation bc i don’t know what’s real and fake. i recently became friends with his ex and she’s really chill and she lives down there by him. she has a new bf so she came clean to me about what her and my bf have been doing when we met each other behind his back. he wont admit to cheating but he’s been in contact with her the whole time me and him have been talking/dating. he’s also hung out with her a lot behind my back. they’ve done “nothing” according to him but everything if yk what i mean according to her. i’ve gotten a lot of evidence that caught him in a lie. i’ve seen vids and pics of them together and she knows EVERYTHING like every fight she knew about. like she was his girl bsf. i didn’t know whether or not to trust her but she sort of gave me enough to trust her in a way. he told me to not talk to her bc she cheated on him the full two years they were together but all i have proof of is him cheating but yk she may of just given me st and anyways third thing he’s controlling. like soo controlling. like we are long distance and he bosses me around. and i let him bc i love him. he also has major anger issues and bipolar and all that fun stuff. he’s narcissistic tbh. he is always calling me names when he’s mad and he’s always threatening to break up with me and block me and all that. he loves calling me selfish and self centered when i don’t give him ALL of my attention. i get no me time. he always says i cause fights and i stress him out constantly. i’m the reason he vapes. fourth he overthinks sooo much. like i do too. i have reason to tho. his body count is VERY high. like way more than you would think. anyways. i’m a virgin. i’ve never had a bf before him or a first kiss or anything like that. i’ve talked to guys but nothing too serious yk. he’s done lots of stuff with lots of people. i’ve never done anything to even make him think anything like that tbh. i think he’s worried about me cheating bc he’s the one doing it. he’s constantly saying “i know you snap other guys and text them and hang out with them” but i literally don’t. like at all. fifth he’s sexist and homophobic and all that. he thinks i’m just gonna be the woman of the house who cooks and cleans. i don’t wanna be that at all. i wanna be someone yk. like i wanna have a good job and i wanna be riding a motorcycle and i wanna be going out with friends and i wanna be doing like yard work and fixing stuff around the house and all that. like i don’t wanna be the one watching kids and cooking and cleaning all the time. he’s so sexist. like idfk what to do. and the sixth thing is my mom and sister don’t like him and bsf doesn’t either. most of my friends think i should be done with him but they don’t even know it all. like they don’t even know half of the bad stuff but they also don’t know the good stuff. but like aside from all that stuff. he’s literally amazing when he’s in a good mood. it may only be for a few hours or sometimes a day or two. but those days are literally the best thing that has ever fuxking happened to me. literally our ft calls are what keep me going. i play xbox with him and his little brother and literally i love them. they are my happiness. like the ft pics i get of him i look at them all the time. like he’s fuxking the only guy i wanna be with. the only guy i can see myself with. the first time i talked to him i feel in love with everything about him. he’s the most attractive man i’ve ever seen. just everything about him. like i know i’ve never met him but i’m fuxking crazy about him. i wanna marry him. i wanna do all that with him. from everything to his hair to his eyes to his personality. he’s so funny and so amazing. we have so many inside jokes and we are so comfortable around each other. like i can’t imagine losing him. i think about it all the time like either way i’m gonna be upset. just one way a little more. i don’t know what to do with him. i’m not gonna be able to forget him ever. but i’m scared if i let him go then he’s gonna move on and find another girl way too quick and then i’m gonna fr lose him. like there’s no going back and i’m gonna be too late. anyways if you read that whole thing ilysm. give me advice but keep in mind i fuxking love him a lot. tell me things to say to him or what to do.

2 years ago

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